I am posting this in response to Caren Moffard's comments regarding our 
registration proceedures.

After three years of operation as an amalgamated region we recently 
reviewed our circulation policies in order to identify problem areas.  As 
a result we have had to tighten up some of our procedures.  One of our 
problem areas was people managing to register for multiple cards in order 
to avoid a delinquent borrower status.  We have therefore had to request 
one piece of identification with a unique id number.  There are however 
multiple options for the id, not simply a drivers license or health 

Our 98/99 statistics show 173,749 people registered at the library with 
25,111 of those registered over the past year.  The library also lent 
3,766,359 items.  With this level of use, our problems also unfortunately 
increase.  Currently we have some 1300 accounts owing $100 or more.  In 
these times of tight resources, and as publicly funded institutions, it 
is crucial that we take steps to safeguard our resources so that they 
are available to all.    

Hope this clarifies things.  I would like to add that it might be more 
fruitful to direct this sort of concern directly to the institution rather 
than a list serv.

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