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This email is to provide an update on the APLA 2023 Virtual Conference and next week’s planning meeting. While we had some wonderful members step up (thank you!) and agree to be on the planning committee, we still do not have a chair or co-chairs to help steer this ship. Although it is the year for a New Brunswick based conference, and it would be ideal to have a chair from New Brunswick, the chair or co-chairs do not need to come from that province. We need all the helpers we can find to keep on track for a 2023 conference at this late stage, and I urge you to join us whether you are from NB or not, a student, retired, or simply an APLA member who wants to network and be involved in the conference. If you have previous conference planning experience that would be great, but if not, we will support each other as a team and also benefit from the support of the Executive and previous virtual APLA conference planners. It is a group effort- and it will be fun and engaging! -but we do need 1 or 2 people listed as chair/co-chair for signing purposes and to keep the planning on track. I personally know many APLA members, how passionate you are about our profession, how organized and creative you all are, and now may be your time to become involved and help plan the virtual conference.

Many hands make light work…it takes a village…both very true. Have you ever wondered how conference themes, key notes, and sessions are selected? This is your chance to be involved in those choices, and to help shape an experience for your colleagues and fellow professionals, as well as our students and information staff of the future. If you have been on the fence about helping out or taking a leadership role please know that we need you.


It has been a tough few years, burnout is real and we have all set new boundaries, but I know we can do this together. Please email me directly if you have questions or are interested in joining us, or chairing/co-chairing, and making sure the 2023 conference happens and is an informative engaging experience.


*1st Google Meet Planning Session, November 16th 10-11am





Cate Carlyle



Atlantic Provinces Library Association

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