This edition of the bi-monthly APLA Information Literacy Interest Group
email with links relevant to information literacy was compiled by Agnieszka
Hayes (me), Convener of the Interest Group.

Neither one of the links below is light summer reading, so perhaps it's
best that I am sending this in late August.

My first link is to the open access book *Paradoxes of Media and
Information Literacy: The Crisis of Information* by Jutta Haider and Olof

Please click on the "Open access content is available" link, and then the
"Read Full Book - Open Access" link (as in the screenshots below) to read
it online or download it for free.

[image: image.png]

[image: image.png]

I admit that I have started reading it, but have not finished it yet. It is
on my to do list for Fall. This book speaks about common narratives
surrounding information literacy, and how these narratives do not
necessarily bring about the outcomes that are lauded by promoters of
information literacy (that includes me). This is a title that I recommend
to anyone interested in critical information literacy and critical

Speaking of critical information literacy, the article *Unsettling
Information Literacy: Exploring Critical Approaches with Academic
Researchers for Decolonising the University* by Frances Marsh looks at how
critical information literacy can potentially support decolonizing efforts.
After presenting findings from the qualitative data, Marsh proposes several
recommendations to foster critical information literacy in practice. Here
is the link to the article:

Happy reading!

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