This edition of the bi-monthly APLA Information Literacy Interest Group email with links relevant to information literacy was compiled by Krystal Dionne, Branch Technician at Montague Rotary Library, part of the PEI Public Library Service.

Below is Krystal's introduction to her links:

Hello Folks,

We all know that ‘Fake News’ is a persistent phenomenon and particularly beguiling on social media. I chose the first article as I found it positive to refresh my understanding of the spread of ‘Fake News:

Critical Information Literacy as a Path to Resist “Fake News”: Understanding Disinformation as the Root Problem (Open Access)

I found the following two resources to be informative and beneficial when helping patrons of all ages become more critical and safe online:

Media Literacy for Adults: Meeting Patrons Where They Are

Information Literacy in the Age of Social Media and Generation Z

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Agnieszka Hayes
Information Literacy Interest Group Convener
Atlantic Provinces Library Association
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