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Subject: (FORWARD TO MEMBERSHIP) Upcoming Webinars Presented by the Education Institute

The Education Institute is a professional development and continuing education program for the library community developed by The Partnership of Provincial and Territorial Library Associations of Canada. 

As the library landscape is rapidly changing across Canada, impacting not just your programs and services, the Education Institute is honored to support the library community evolve from this global pandemic. 

Highlights of upcoming webinars at the Education Institute:

Transition from MARC to BIBFRAME: Initial Steps for Libraries

Heather Pretty and Robin Desmeules

Tuesday, March 16 | 12:00-1:00 pm ET

Pulling from the work of the Readiness Task Force and the Canadian Linked Data Initiative Education and Training Working Group, presenters will share the fundamentals of Linked Data and BIBFRAME, and why a transition from MARC21 to the BIBFRAME format is important to consider now. The session will also discuss the steps individual libraries can take to prepare for an eventual transition from MARC to BIBFRAME. 

Facilitating Virtual Learning Circles for an Online Certification with the GISC

Susan Han, Rabia Pirani, Jennie Hamilton, Andrew Theobald & Jenny Fry

Tuesday, March 30 | 12:00-1:00 pm ET

This session will cover: 
  • The Google IT Support Professional Certificate Massive Open Online Course and how it was supported in four libraries including learning circle facilitation methods that have been most effective in supporting online learning
  • Practical considerations (including budget, staffing, equipment, space, learner recruitment and remote team work) to implement this model at their own libraries
  • How to overcome challenges faced with a focus on COVID-19 debrief/lessons on transitioning to a virtual platform and providing online vs. in-person learning circles
On Demand Webinars

  • PWYC: Digital Odyssey Presents: Exploring AI in Libraries: What is Being Done and What Comes Next
    Presenter: Amanda Wheatley
    Access the Recording

  • PWYC: OCULA Presents: Makerspaces & Experiential Learning in Virtual Environments
    Presenters: Elizabeth O’Brien, Ewan Gibson & Darin White
    Access the Recording

  • PWYC: Together in Isolation: Change Management
    Presenters: Rochelle Mazar
    Access the Recording

Visit the Library Marketplace to purchase on-demand webinars. 

All-Access Pass – Unlimited Access to Online Learning


Employers, are you seeking virtual options for staff professional development? The Education Institute offers an annual subscription to its continuing education platform called the All-Access Pass. This pass provides you and your staff with unlimited access to upcoming webinars and on-demand sessions for a year. 


All-Access passes also directly financially supports your local provincial/territorial library association at a time when this is needed most.

On-Demand webinars offer self-paced learning opportunities employees can take advantage of from their home work-space.


The cost of an All-Access Pass for a full year of Education Institute webinars ranges from $500-$3,000+ and it depends on the size and type of your organization. If you or your organization are seeking solutions for providing professional development for staff from a sizeable catalogue of webinars, as well as custom pricing, please get in contact with Destiny Laldeo, Training & Education Specialist at [log in to unmask].

Connection and information sharing has never been more crucial as libraries begin to consider what comes next, and the Education Institute is honoured to support the library community navigate this rapidly changing landscape.

The Education Institute

Ann Smith

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