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Since the publication of Max Horkheimer’s 1937 essay Critical Theory,
“critical” has come to signify approaches that focus on how to understand
the structural dynamics of social iniquities with the ultimate goal of
dismantling such systems while empowering those forced to endure them.
Critical librarianship seeks to do this in the context of information
theory and practice. <>, using the hashtag #Critlib, is a
platform for those interested in critical librarianship to learn and
collaborate on common projects. The organizers of the site host and archive
Twitter discussions and help librarians interested in collaborating find
each other through their research interest match-making form
well as their upcoming conference match-making form (currently offline).
The site offers guidance navigating Twitter-based discussions and provides
an opt-in map to help facilitate in person collaborations (whenever that
becomes a thing again). It also hosts a number of ongoing projects,
including a petition for LIS support of Black Lives Matter and a call to
collaborate on a critical information literacy Wikipedia page.

Through its involvement with the #Critlib hashtag on Twitter, recommended
resources, and “crticat” sections, <> offers
a wealth of material for those interested in exploring or furthering their
experience with critical librarianship and shows the potential of social
media to help facilitate professional development and continuing education.

(For a bit more background on critical librarianship consider visiting Brock
University's Research Guide


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