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Subject: “Promoting Digital Literacy in the Community through Public
Library Initiatives.”
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Dear Members -

We are sharing information about research that the association is
supporting.  At this time, all documentation is in English only.  We will
work towards providing French language translation as the work progresses.
Thank you for your understanding.


CFLA and CULC are partner organizations on my SSHRC PDG funded project
entitled “Promoting Digital Literacy in the Community through Public
Library Initiatives.” The first phase of the project is now complete and I
am happy to let you both know that a working paper is now freely available
that reports the findings from the first phase of our study. We plan to use
these results as input into the design of one or more surveys to public
libraries across Canada. We hope that you and your leadership teams can
help provide feedback on early drafts of such surveys and then, once
finalized, help recruit people from your memberships to complete the
surveys. All this survey work will occur in 2021.

Here is the link to the working paper:

Please feel free to disseminate this working paper to your Association’s
leadership team and/or membership. Feedback on the working paper is

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*Brian Detlor, Ph.D.*

*Professor & Area Chair (Information Systems)*
DeGroote School of Business | *McMaster University*  | Canada
905.525.9140 ext. 23949 | Office DSB-A201
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@briandetlor | Email: [log in to unmask]

*President-Elect (*Association of Information Science and Technology

*Visiting Professor (Centre for Social Informatics)*
School of Computing | *Edinburgh Napier University* | Scotland

*Rebecca Raven, Executive Director*

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