Please see below for a call for papers for "Refusing Crisis Narratives," which is a Special Issue of the Canadian Journal of Academic Librarianship.

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Subject: [Jerome-L] Canadian Journal of Academic Librarianship CFP: Refusing Crisis Narratives
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Hi everyone, 

I'm excited to announce the CFP for a Special Issue of the Canadian Journal of Academic Librarianship, "Refusing Crisis Narratives". For this issue, I will be joining Karen Nicholson, Kristin Hoffmann, Nicole Doro, and Eveline Houtman as Guest Editor. 

A state of crisis is often considered a core, if ambiguous, element of librarianship (Radford and Radford 2001; Seale and Mirza 2019). John Buschman (2003) has argued that the profession thrives on a “culture of crisis,” while Emily Drabinski (2016) has pointed out that “for librarianship, the present is always exceptional and always requires exceptional attention to take action for the coming future.” Given the current state of the world, marked by the intersecting crises of climate change, pandemic, economic collapse, intensified violence against oppressed peoples, and the end of American hegemony, librarianship tends to rely on tried-and-true narratives of crisis: resilience, doing more with less, finding the opportunity within crisis, and returning to core values, to name a few.

We seek articles that explore the tensions within librarianship between crisis and opportunity, refusal and a service ethic, resistance and collaboration. As the interlocking crises of 21st century racial and patriarchal capitalism deepen and become more acute, we seek articles looking to move academic librarianship’s self-understanding beyond the usual narratives.

The full CFP can be found here: 

I look forward to working on this special issue with the CJAL editors. If your work fits in this area, please consider submitting. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, or would just like to sound out some ideas.

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Sam Popowich MLIS, MA

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University of Alberta Library
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