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I hope that your Games at the Library event planning is going well. Please note that ballots and tally sheets must be sent by participating libraries to the email address listed below on or before November 6, 2020 for participants to be eligible to win the grand prize.


Ballots must be scanned by the full page (please do not cut ballots out). Please ensure the ballots are filled out on participants’ behalf by library staff, and that the ballots are filled out legibly in black ink. Tally sheets may be scanned and attached, or the fields can be answered in the body of the email.


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This year, the grand prize is an EB Games online gift card of $175 that will be sent to the winner’s email address. The gift card can be used in store or in their online shop. The grand prize draw will take place on November 16, 2020. There is one grand prize for Atlantic Canada.  


Please fill out and send the tally sheet information if you offer a Games @ the library event even if you do not have ballots to submit. The tally and ballot sheets are both attached to this e-mail.  


For more information about Games at the Library week, which takes place from October 18 – October 24, 2020, please visit APLA’s Games at the Library website. 

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