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For both the fall 2019 and winter 2020 terms, the UFV Library Information Technology program introduced first year students to people working in the field through a carefully curated mentorship assignment. It was so successful for both mentors and mentees that we would like to continue the project. We are looking for volunteers who would engage in an interview (using directed questions), with students new to the program and the field. We would like to continue the practice of having this interview take place electronically (e.g. conferencing tools) or over the phone so distance is not an issue.


Many of our previous mentors have indicated that the experience was enlightening while also seeing it as a way to give back to the profession. The activity is not time-consuming and many participants have indicated that the exercise has made them more aware of the magnitude of the work they do and they impact they have.  


I am seeking library technicians and librarians with work experience who have attended some form of formal library-related education and who would be willing to assist me in this assignment. The main goals of this activity include reducing feelings of disconnect/isolation from practice, learning the realities of library/information work, developing student self-reflection, and establishing connections in the field.


If you have participated before and wish to again, that is fantastic. I am generating a new contact list so please reply to this email and let me know you are interested again or for the first time. I will forward all of the details. It is likely that the actual interview will not occur until late October and takes no more than an hour. If mentors and mentees wish to maintain a relationship, they have the freedom but not an obligation to do so.


The demands are fairly light but the impact may be huge. If you or a colleague are interested, please email me at [log in to unmask] for further details. 



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