June's monthly informative email from the APLA Continuing Education
Interest Group is courtesy of group member Lindsey MacCallum (NS). Focusing
on the topic of anti-racism work in libraries, archives, and information
science, she recommends the following short reading list:

   - Espinal, I., Sutherland, T., & Roh, C. (2018). A holistic approach for
   inclusive librarianship: Decentering whiteness in our profession. *Library
   Trends* 67(1), 147-162.

   - Gohr, M. (2017). Ethnic and racial diversity in libraries: How white
   allies can support arguments for decolonization. *Journal of Radical
   Librarianship*, 3, 42–58. Retrieved from

   - Jules, B. (2016). Confronting our failure of care around the legacies
   of marginalized people in the archives. *Medium*. Retrieved from

   - Kendrick, K. (2019, Feb. 13). Tweet-dux: White supremacy and racism in
   the PoC low-morale experience. *Renewals*. Retrieved from

   - Noble, S. (2018). *Algorithms of oppression: How search engines
   reinforce racism*. New York: New York University Press.

   - Schlesselman-Tarango, G. (2017). *Topographies of whiteness : Mapping
   whiteness in Library and Information Science*. (Series on Critical Race
   Studies and Multiculturalism in LIS Ser). Sacramento, CA: Litwin Books,

For more resources, please see Disrupting Whiteness in Libraries and
Librarianship: A Reading List by Karla J. Strand

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