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Subject: [IFLA-L] IFLA’s COVID-19 Resource Page


Dear all,


First of all, I want to share my hope that you are all continuing to cope as well as possible with the challenges we currently face. It has been thrilling to see how well libraries have responded to the situation, with so many proofs of how inventive and resourceful the global library field is, in particular using digital technologies.


While the possibility to re-open library doors in some countries is a welcome indication that we are moving towards being able to resume in-person services, it is nonetheless clear that any decision to do so is a difficult one, depending on the possibility to ensure the safety of users and staff alike.   


To support reflection on this, IFLA has continued to update its COVID-19 resource page. With over half a million views and links to activities in all world regions, it has looked to provide examples of how libraries are responding to the pandemic globally.


Increasingly, it also features plans developed by library associations, authorities and public health agencies in order to resume services safely, offering a bibliography that can help in developing programmes suited to your own situations. 


Furthermore, thanks to the hard work of our translation centres, versions of the page are available in all seven IFLA languages. We are very grateful also to the volunteers who have made translations into Portuguese, Italian and Thai. 


I hope that you will be able to visit the page, either to seek resources for your own work, or simply to build a sense of what our field is capable of.


Kind regards, 


Gerald Leitner




Gerald Leitner
Secretary General
International Federation of Library Associations
and Institutions
PO Box 95312
2509 CH The Hague,  Netherlands
Tel: +31-70-3140884


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