Hello Everyone,


We are seeking convenors for our APLA Library Technicians Interest Group https://www.apla.ca/librarian_technicians and our APLA Information Literacy Interest Group https://www.apla.ca/information_literacy


Interest Groups are a forum for information exchange within their interest areas and can “make recommendations as appropriate to the Association to the Association on matters of wider interest relating to the area of expertise.”   In previous years Interest Groups have held roundtables, organized a seminar, held online meetings, and formed information sharing networks.


Meeting space can be provided at the APLA 2020 Conference in Wolfville and interest groups are eligible to apply for General Activities Funding: https://www.apla.ca/GAF


Details of the interest groups are available from here: https://www.apla.ca/interest_groups


Please contact Ann Smith by December 13th at [log in to unmask] if you’d like to know more about this great opportunity or to put your name forward. 





Ann Smith


VP, President Elect

Atlantic Provinces Library Association

T (902) 585-1198 E [log in to unmask]

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