Greetings from British Columbia!

Are you interested in giving back to the profession? Are you curious about the nature of new people entering the field? Do you like the idea of sharing your experience(s) in a way that may support others thinking about work in the library/information field?

I am seeking library technicians and librarians with work experience who have attended some form of formal "library" related education  and who would be willing to assist me in an assignment for very new library technician students this fall term. Distance is not an issue as mentors/mentees will be conversing via phone. I am striving for only one student to one mentor. The main goals of this activity include reducing feelings of disconnect/isolation from practice, learning the realities of library/information work, developing student self-reflection, and establishing connections in the field.

The demands are fairly light but the impact may be huge. If you or a colleague are interested, please email me at [log in to unmask] for further details. 

Christina Neigel, Associate Professor
Library and Information Technology 
University of the Fraser Valley 
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