Hello Everyone,

The APLA Executive met on Wednesday to review and confirm the APLA 2019-20 Proposed Budget.  Of note related to the 2019-20 Proposed Budget are the following:

  *   Refunds - we will be reimbursing APLNB for one year of joint membership fees previously collected, but which are to be reimbursed as the organization is no longer operational ($25/person=$350 total)
  *   Executive travel (meetings) - The reimbursement cheques for Executive travel to the conference will be post-dated until June 15th in 2018-19 as the signing authority transfer will not occur until June 14th. The Treasurer recommends that for next year, we move $5,000 into the budget to accommodate this type of situation.
  *   First Timers Award - The First-timer's award has been increased back up to the usual $500
  *   General Activities Fund (GAF) Grant - Requests for funding from this fund for member activities have not been plentiful in past years, so the Executive decided to keep it at $500 for the coming year and there will be a renewed focus on marketing its availability
  *   Carin Somers income Tax preparation fee - $175
  *   Transfer to Memorial Award and Transfer to First Timer's Award - Always $0 at the end of the year as money not yet transferred.
  *   APLA Domain/Web hosting & Membership management subscription - Increased to $700 to accommodate purchase of the membership database software.
  *   PayPal fees/Membership program fees - Increased as there will be fees for the membership software similar to PayPal fees.
  *   Miscellaneous - Increased to $850 for the Memorial Award as there was a miscalculation in the amount for 2018-19 and there was not enough in the fund line to cover the total cost.  The Finance Committee will seek advice from our financial adviser at the bank on the calculation for the Memorial Award as it is overly complicated, so it is easy to make errors.

Maggie Neilson, the APLA Treasurer, will explain these in more detail at the OGM. If you have any questions, please contact me. Thank-you!

Cynthia Holt
APLA Secretary
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