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Subject: Winter EI calendar: Bring your 2019 learning goals to life!




The winter EI calendar is NOW available!


No matter what learning goals you have for 2019, the Education Institute
<>  has you covered. Register now to participate
in the webinars live or watch the recordings later at your convenience. 


Download the full EI Winter calendar here
20EI%20-%20Calendar%20FINAL%20WITH%20LINKS.pdf> . 


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Highlights of what's coming up at the Education Institute:


Learning and Hyper-Reality: What to do with Virtual Reality?

David Chandross, PhD

Thursday, January 10 | 12:00-1:00pm EST

The development of mixed reality platforms such as virtual and augmented
reality, alongside open game-world simulations used in law enforcement,
military training, surgical education and other diverse applications has
been rapid. In this session we will discuss how to integrate mixed reality
experiences into learning. 


Forest of Reading: Where do I Start?

Natasha Rankin

Tuesday, January 15 | 12:00-12:30pm EST

This session will outline ideas for school library staff on how to run an
engaging and exciting Forest of Reading program within your school. It will
cover how to integrate books into library programming, establish and
facilitate reading clubs as well as practical activities that can support
your Forest of Reading program and engage your students.

Planning to run a Forest of Reading program at your school? Register today
<>  to get started in January.


In-Depth Look at the 2018 OPLA Teen Services Report

Cameron Ray & Ryan Patrick

Thursday, January 17 | 12:00-1:00pm EST

Counting Opinions and the Ontario Public Library Association (OPLA) will
take an in-depth look at the data collected on teen services in the recently
published benchmarking and statistical report for 2018. Counting Opinions
will break down how to access the data through LibPAS and create your own
customized reports to better utilize the data collected for your own local
purposes. OPLA will talk about the changes in teen services and the
directions libraries could consider for teen programming, planning,
collection development and outreach.


Learning Circles: A New Model for Educational Programming

Nico Koenig & Larysa Isoki

Tuesday, January 22 | 12:00-12:30pm EST

Peer 2 Peer University (P2PU) has been working with public libraries to
develop an equitable and innovative model of education called learning
circles: free study groups for people who want to take courses together
online and in-person at their local library. Globally, 30 public library
systems are now running learning circles, including libraries in Chicago,
Boston, Detroit and Nairobi, and in Canada, P2PU is working with the Toronto
and West Vancouver Public Libraries. This presentation will introduce you to
the P2PU learning circles model, and Toronto Public Library will share their
experience of running learning circles to increase patrons' technology
skills and digital literacy.


Snakes and Ladders: A Copyright Assessment Activity

Meaghan Shannon

Tuesday, February 12 | 1:00-2:00pm EST

During this webinar we will consider 8 scenarios that may arise in a library
in which someone wants to make use of a copyright-protected work for a
certain purpose and in a certain manner. We'll discuss each of the scenarios
and refer to a flowchart to assess the status of each work, identify best
practices, and determine outcomes.


The winter 2019 semester has many more exciting webinars to come. Explore
the calendar online
aspx>  or download a printable PDF
%20EI%20-%20Calendar%20FINAL%20WITH%20LINKS.pdf> .