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In partnership with Library Juice, a new PD opportunity for instruction librarians and anyone else fascinated by the times in which we live and teach.  Please feel free to forward as appropriate.

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In mid-October Andrea Baer is offering a new online professional development course, Information Literacy in Politically Polarized Times. This is the first course to be offered through Inquiring Teachers, a new business for instruction librarian professional development. All courses are listed at


Below are a short description of the course and of Inquiring Teachers and its partnership with Library Juice Academy. Please feel free to send inquiries to [log in to unmask]. Thank you!


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Information Literacy in Politically Polarized Times

Duration: 4 weeks

Credits: 1.5 CEUs

Price: US $175


In Brief: This course is one opening for librarians and fellow educators to reflect together on the role information literacy education at this current polarized moment, the strengths and limitations of our current pedagogical practices, and new possibilities for our instructional work.


Learning outcomes: 

·  Reflect on current sociopolitical and sociotechnical environments and their implications for information literacy education (e.g., political polarization; the online spread of misinformation; information silos and echo chambers; motivated reasoning; efforts to strengthen civic dialogue and engagement).

·  Become familiar with research on the relationship between social identity, beliefs, and information behaviors and consider its implications for information literacy education.

·  Examine various pedagogical responses to related information literacy skills (e.g., source evaluation, online reading strategies, debiasing).

·  Develop an instruction activity that encourages more critical engagement with information and that addresses a pedagogical concern related to the current sociopolitical climate.

Full course description:


About Inquiring Teachers: Inquiring Teachers works from an understanding of teaching and learning as at once social and personal, a process shaped by our unique experiences and backgrounds as well as our local and global contexts. This professional development is unique in its emphasis on reflection and community and in its integration of learning research, accessible theory, and everyday teaching practice. To foster this environment, classes are small (no more than 15 people) and all participants are given ongoing personalized and detailed feedback.


Partnership with Library Juice Academy: Inquiring Teachers partners with Library Juice Academy to support its Certificate in Library Instruction. All Inquiring Teachers courses count as electives for the certificate.  







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