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Subject: [IFLA-L] Your ideas matter! Contribute to the Ideas Store before 31 October

IFLA is building a new and forward-looking strategy from the bottom up, one that will shape its key actions.  By contributing to the Ideas Store<>, you have the opportunity to help define the future direction of IFLA. As library and information professionals, it's therefore your strategy. And, crucially, it depends on your participation.

Be a part of our future

We need your ideas to turn the Global Vision's ten opportunities<> into reality. This is your chance to contribute to the collective vision for the library field of the future.

Everyone is welcome to contribute ideas that will help define the strategy: individual librarians, associations, institutions, library supporters, and others. Our platform is translated into, and accepts submissions in all seven IFLA languages. Wherever you are, we want to hear your voice!

IFLA is building a new strategy from the bottom up, but we're just at the beginning. For the realisation of all the great opportunities which the Global Vision Report identifies, we need your ideas for actions. We need all of you.
Gerald Leitner, IFLA Secretary General

[IFLA Global Vision Ideas Store]Next Steps

All submitted ideas will be collected and thoroughly analysed by a team of experts.  During the first week of December, the IFLA Governing Board will then take your ideas to help inform the IFLA Strategy and Actions for 2019-2024.

After completing these steps, we will then make the ideas available on the Ideas Store website-creating a storehouse of inspirational ideas available to all librarians around the world. In January 2019, new working groups will be established to further develop our strategy, including through our professional units.

All ideas are welcome. We've heard from many of you and in order to give you more time to mobilise your communities and share your ideas for actions, we have extended the deadline. But hurry!  You have until 31 October 2018 to take part in the largest global discussion the library field has ever seen, and help us build a strategy that works for you. Any ideas submitted after this date will still help colleagues around the world, but will be too late to feed into this round of strategic planning!

So, you have an idea for IFLA's Global Vision Ideas Store? Let's hear from you! Visit<> and submit yours now!