Dear all,

On behalf of the Advocacy Committee and the panel of judges composed of the four provincial vice-presidents, I am thrilled to announce that the 2018 APLA Advocacy Award goes to the Fredericton Public Library.  The award will be presented at the APLA OGM on June 9, and Julia Stewart, Director of the Fredericton Public Library, will be on hand to receive it, as she said, “…on behalf of all the hard work of the amazing staff!”   The winning submission was for FPL’s Biblio Bike Project, the goal of which is “to reach the underserved by visiting some low socio-economic areas, stopping by at local events and festivals, and providing library materials and signing visitors up for library cards.”  The Biblio Bike will allow Fredericton library staff “to easily travel virtually anywhere on the vast network of trails [in the city], setting up ‘pop-up library service’ along the way.” The Biblio Bike will be “an exciting and interesting way to raise awareness about Fredericton’s libraries in the community.”

Thank you to all those who participated in the contest.  The Advocacy Committee had a difficult decision to make owing to the quality and strength of the submissions received.  I hope you will participate again next year!  Library advocacy is so important in these unsettled and changing times, and it is heartening to see the commitment and creativity of our members in getting the word out about the continuing value of libraries to society.  Congratulations on your own significant contributions to these efforts.  




Jocelyne Thompson

Convenor, APLA Advocacy Committee




Jocelyne Thompson
Director, Collections Services
UNB Libraries
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