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Sent: Sunday, May 28, 2017 9:39 PM
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Subject: Crown copyright HC petition (please sign)


GOVINFO members:


I hope you will take a moment to sign this House of Commons petition asking the Government of Canada to respond to the longstanding need to fix Crown copyright in Canada.


I have tried to summarize the importance of reforming Crown copyright at but we all know that the audience for this issue is small, despite the wide breadth of its impact. This is why I am also asking that you please forward this petition to your colleagues (and friends and family!) and especially any content users whose work might have been impacted by Crown copyright restrictions over the years.


Thank you for considering these requests and for your help getting this issue to our MPs as they start a review of the Copyright Act later this year.


Government employees: note that your personal information is not disclosed to me or online and that you will have to use a personal email address if you want to sign the petition (which I hope you do!).






Amanda Wakaruk, BCommerce, MLIS, MES

Copyright Librarian and former Government Information Librarian