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From: Shelagh Paterson, Executive Director

Sent: September-15-16

Subject: Canadian Library Month graphics


The Ontario Library Association has created bookmarks, posters and graphics for Ontario Public Library Week. These graphics have been modified for use across the country for Canadian Library Month (CLM). 

Here’s what you need to know:


·         CLM materials use a tagline that has been created for  Ontario’s public libraries through research within various communities. If you choose to use these materials, please review this webinar recording <http://bit.ly/2bGGLcM>  of the tagline launch to 

understand the tagline usage guidelines. Please also let Annesha(contact details below) at OLA know if you do choose to use the tagline so that we can track uptake.

·         View the DropBox folder <http://bit.ly/CLM16>  of Canadian Library Month graphics (posters, bookmarks, postcards, social media images, and more)

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Contact the OLA Communications department 

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About Ontario’s tagline project:


The Federation of Ontario Public Libraries (FOPL), Southern Ontario Library Service (SOLS), Ontario Library Service – North (OLS-North) and the Ontario Library Association (OLA) kicked off a three-year marketing effort to drive new relevance with the general public. Core to that effort was the development of a new marketing tagline “A Visit Will Get You Thinking.” This hard-working tagline will be used to unite and complement marketing and outreach efforts of all Ontario public libraries during Ontario Public Library Week and beyond.







Suzanne van den Hoogen