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It is with a heavy heart that I pass along this press release from NSALT.



Halifax, NS - The Executive of the Nova Scotia Association of Library Technicians (NSALT) voted last week on a motion to dissolve the Association.

The Nova Scotia Association of Library Technicians (NSALT) has been in existence since 2007.  NSALT has been a non-profit organization dedicated to responding to issues that relate to the library community in Nova Scotia and promoting a wider understanding, acceptance and advancement of Library Technician graduates and students in Nova Scotia.

This motion and vote has been the result of a struggle to keep the Association a float in the last two years.  The Executive would like to thank current and past members as well as the many sponsors who have worked with the Association over the last ten years.

The Executive has put forth a motion to create a bursary at the Nova Scotia Community College in honour of the Association.  The bursary will be funded by monies remaining after all expenses are settled. Over the next six weeks, NSALT will complete the process to close the Association.

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