Dear Colleagues,


You will by now have heard about the devastating cuts to Newfoundland and Labrador public libraries announced by the Provincial Information & Library Resources Board: the plan is to close 54 public libraries (more than half of the current 95) in the next two years to meet a budget cut announced in the provincial budget.  64 positions will be eliminated.  


NLLA has been working hard to mobilize opposition to the cuts and library associations across the country are responding with calls to action of their own.  APLA will be supporting these efforts with a letter to the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador reiterating the importance of public libraries.  Further, we will put forward a motion on the issue at our OGM later this month.  


Please see below links to the NLLA and CLA websites for more information and consider how you may help at this critical time.  Also note that The Partnership (of public library associations across the country) are taking a keen interest and will be undertaking some advocacy on behalf of our NL colleagues.


Please remember that while collective action is important, individual engagement is needed as well.




Suzanne van den Hoogen

APLA VP President-Elect




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