Hi, all.

A few years ago our campus upgraded our campus card system to ITC's new "campuscard' system. Sorry I forget what they call it, but it's the one where you can tap your card to have your account charged, rather than sliding it through a magstripe reader. The new systems includes "PaperCut" for managing printing charges.

At the time, we had Xerox MFDs for photocopying, scanning, and printing in the public areas of the library. We had no trouble configuring those to work with the ITC cards such that anyone scanning (to email or usb) did not need a card at all and all was well.

Per the new ISI contract in the region, we've just switched to Konica-Minolta, and now been told by ITC that there is no way with our new KM devices to configure our ITC "tap towers" to allow for cardless scanning - it can be configured not to charge for scanning, but the user has to have an actual card with at least $0.10 on it in their hands.  And because of that, the auto-timeout on the "tap" is also in force, meaning that people can get very little scanning done before the timeout wipes out their work. We can extend the timeout but that means people tapping with real money risk their much larger balances sitting there for much longer for the next person to use accidentally.
This has made a total mess of what was a previously well-working system.

Has anyone in APLA-land with ITC cards and public-use Konica-Minolta MFDs come up with a solution to this problem?

​Thanks very much for sharing!​

Melissa Belvadi
Collections Librarian
University of Prince Edward Island
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