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News from CLA



Letter from Our President


Released February 8, 2016


Dear CLA colleagues;


By now, you will have received the news that the CLA Executive Council's motions related to dissolution of the Association passed at the Special Meeting on January 27, 2016.


Please forgive me the time it has taken me to write this letter to you. It took me a few days to work through the complex emotions that arose from the Special Meeting. For the past year, so many of us have been focused on creating a proposal for a federation that could succeed CLA as a united national voice for our library communities, that I hadn't been prepared for the intense sadness I would feel when speaking to introduce the motion regarding dissolution at the Special Meeting. While I was gratified by the almost unanimous support for the motion, that appreciation did not lessen the grief that one experiences when saying good bye to something that has been a constant part of your life for so long. For me, it has been 20 years that I have been a CLA member. For others at the meeting, it was 36 years. 40 years. No matter the length, for many people CLA has played an important role as a national network and a platform for professional development and engagement.


As I did at the Special Meeting, I'd like to thank the Future Federation Working Group, CLA Executive Council, including those members who have sat on the Board since this process began in the summer of 2014. It has been a long journey, and the proposal is an important feat of collaboration, shared vision, and good will by all associations represented. For CLA Executive Council, we had to also come to a decision to recommend that CLA end with dignity as well as the intent of supporting the next stage in our communities' evolution of our national voice for libraries. We thank the CLA membership for supporting the motion, as difficult and - at times heart wrenching - as it was. We chose a path forward that allows the new Federation to start with a truly clean slate.


So here we are looking forward to next steps.


The Future Federation Working Group has expressed a wish to incorporate the new Federation as soon as possible to get the new Federation going. I couldn't be more delighted. This will take more than a handful of weeks, but, by early spring, you will likely start to see some communication from them.

As for CLA, we have a lot of work to do between now and June 1 - 3 when we all - hopefully - meet again at the last CLA national conference, this time called "Forum." We need to determine - with the help of the Federation - what responsibilities of CLA fit within the scope of the Federation, which activities might better fit with another association or organization, and which activities will wrap with the final dissolution.


We know a few things right now:

  • We hope to see our Committees and Networks one last time in Ottawa - a whole morning will be put aside for your business meetings so you can conclude your operations as CLA entities and so that Executive Council can come by and thank you in person for your years of contribution to CLA. We will ask you to consider whether you will put your name forward through associations of which you are members for national level work with the new Federation.
  • We cannot start any new business. That means that we can only engage in activities that have already been underway, such as holding the conference and completing commitments such as the French translation of Leading Learning. In some cases, we may even pause those activities in order to transition them to their new home knowing that CLA should be winding down.
  • We will likely cease publishing Digest sometime in the coming weeks.
  • A number of questions arose at the Special Meeting related to IFLA, the CLA Archives, the CLA website content, etc. We will follow up on all of these items. Over the next few months, we will post updates on the CLA website regarding transition and dissolution. Please keep your eye on the home page for these updates and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email [log in to unmask]. Your question will be directed to the appropriate person.


I'd like to conclude this brief letter by expressing my sincere appreciation for the staff at CLA. This is a time of great uncertainty for them. Their ongoing commitment to CLA and the graciousness and integrity with which they have offered staff support to these efforts have been inspiring. I cannot say enough about Executive Council's respect for this extraordinary group of people.


Thank you all so much. Again, please keep your eye on the website for updates or email if you have specific questions.



Sandra Singh


Canadian Library Association








Reg2016 CLA Forum News



Libraries Matter. Your Voice Matters.

Prepare For A Canadian Library Association Event Like No Other!


As CLA winds down and the new Canadian Federation of Library Associations starts up, the June 1-3, 2016 meeting in Ottawa will be a watershed gathering.


This will not be another conference of talking heads and uncertain outcomes. Instead, we are hosting a forum centered on a key set of library issues of national importance.


Participate with colleagues from across Canada and around the world in focused dialogues and help craft outcomes that will advance the state of libraries and the emerging Federation. In sessions designed to inform and engage, those attending will consider some of the most critical challenges facing libraries in Canada.


This is an action oriented policy and advocacy forum. You will be challenged through discussion and debate, and your contributions will advance libraries in Canada.


We will celebrate the legacy of CLA and we will stimulate a new era of engagement, focus, vitality, and impact. As a community we are embarking on a new path. Help chart the way.


Why should you attend?
We are developing a strong program that will focus on 10 topics that are of great significance within the library community and in the end will form an advisory document of recommendations that will be presented to the Canadian Federation of Library Associations.


The 10 topics curated by CLA and member advisers include:

  •    LAC / National Digitization Strategy
  •    TRC Response
  •    Copyright / IP
  •    Digital Marketplace
  •    Intellectual Freedom
  •    Convergence "LAM" (Libraries, Archives, Museums)
  •    National Digital Strategy
  •    Unconference: Emerging Topics
  •    Competitive Landscapes (Value / ROI / Why Libraries)
  •    National Metrics

In addition to the program, we will include opportunities for networking with colleagues and the library vendor community in lunch and learn sessions as well as a newly formatted Supplier Show Case.


The forum will kick-off on Wednesday June 1st with an opening keynote at 1PM, optional network/committee meetings as well as the Innovative Technology session will run during the morning. The forum will conclude Friday June 3rd after lunch.


Rates / Accommodation / Conference at a glance / Sponsorship and Show Case information have been posted at
As forum details become available, updates will be posted.

2015 conference highlights and materials will still be available.


Follow the conference discussions on twitter #claott16





Library Careers

Check out the latest career ads and find out more details by visiting CLA Library Careers Listing:


Library Manager/gestionnaire de bibliothèque

Raymond Lagacé Public Library (Atholville)/Bibliothèque publique Raymond-Lagacé (Atholville)

New Brunswick Public Library Service (NBPLS)/Le Service des bibliothèques publiques du Nouveau-Brunswick (SBPNB)

Salary: not given

Closing date: March 2, 2016


Children's Librarian/Bibliothécaire pour enfants

New Brunswick Public Library Service (NBPLS)/Le Service des bibliothèques publiques du Nouveau-Brunswick (SBPNB)

Campbellton Centennial Library, Campbellton, NB/Bibliothèque du centenaire de Campbellton, Campbellton, NB

Salary: not given

Closing date: March 2, 2016


Young Adult and Adult Services Librarian/Bibliothécaire des services pour les jeunes adultes et les adultes

New Brunswick Public Library Service (NBPLS)/Le Service des bibliothèques publiques du Nouveau-Brunswick (SBPNB)

Mgr W.J. Conway Public Library, Edmundston NB/Bibliothèque publique Mgr-W.-J.-Conway, Edmonston, NB

Salary: not given

Closing date: March 2, 2016


Reference Librarian/Bibliothécaire de référence

New Brunswick Public Library Service (NBPLS)/Le Service des bibliothèques publiques du Nouveau-Brunswick (SBPNB)

Fredericton Public Library/Bibliothèque publique de Fredericton, Fredericton,NB

Salary: not given

Closing date: March 2, 2016


Young Adult and Adult Services Librarian/Bibliothécaire des services pour les jeunes adultes et les adultes

New Brunswick Public Library Service (NBPLS)/Le Service des bibliothèques publiques du Nouveau-Brunswick (SBPNB)

Fredericton Public Library/Bibliothèque publique de Fredericton, Fredericton,NB

Salary: not given

Closing date: March 2, 2016


Reference Librarian/bibliothécaire de référence

New Brunswick Public Library Service (NBPLS)/Le Service des bibliothèques publiques du Nouveau-Brunswick (SBPNB)

Moncton Public Library//Bibliothèque publique de Moncton, Moncton, NB

Salary:not given

Closing date: March 2, 2016


Young Adult and Adult Services Librarian/Bibliothécaire des services pour les jeunes adultes et les adultes

New Brunswick Public Library Service (NBPLS)/Le Service des bibliothèques publiques du Nouveau-Brunswick (SBPNB)

Moncton Public Library/Bibliothèque publique de Moncton,Moncton, NB

Salary:not given

Closing date: March 2, 2016


Young Adult and Adult Services Librarian/Bibliothécaire des services pour les jeunes adultes et les adultes

New Brunswick Public Library Service (NBPLS)/Le Service des bibliothèques publiques du Nouveau-Brunswick (SBPNB)

Saint John Free Public Library/Bibliothèque publique de Saint John, Saint John, NB

Salary: not given

Closing date: March 2, 2016



Pahkisimon Nuyeʔáh Library System, La Ronge, SK

Salary: Not given

Closing date: March 17, 2016


Executive Director/Directeur général / Directrice générale, Ottawa, ON

Salary: Not given

Closing date: The position will be open until filled. The Selection Committee will begin reviewing applications on March 4, 2016/Le poste restera ouvert jusqu'à ce qu'il soit comblé. Le comité de sélection commencera à examiner les candidatures à compter du 4 mars 2016.


Senior Systems Administrator & Analyst

University of Waterloo Library, Waterloo, ON

Salary: $66,450 - $90,569

Closing date: March 11, 2016


Patron and Reference Services Librarian

The University of Central Asia (UCA), Naryn, Kyrgyz Republic

Salary: Not given

Closing date: March 15, 2015


Knowledge Synthesis Librarian

The University of Manitoba Libraries, Winnipeg, MB

Salary: Not given

Closing date: Review of applications will begin March 2nd, 2016 and will continue until the position is filled


Check out several more postings on CLA Library Careers Listing 


Employers? Look to CLA for all your career ad needs! With over 16,000 page views monthly, it ranks the highest-viewed area on the CLA website. Ads range from $225 - $350 per month (depending on level of membership)!  





Young Canada Works



Summer Jobs
We are delighted to report that 105 libraries have submitted applications for 143 positions for the Summer Jobs Program. In addition to applications already submitted, there are 14 libraries who have begun, but not completed applications. The YCW Coordinator will follow up with each library and the hope is that they will complete applications for 14 additional positions (not included in the total mentioned above).


Under the terms of the Contribution Agreement with Heritage Canada, CLA can fund up to 100 positions and if every library completes their application, this year, we will have a total of 119 libraries applying for 157 positions.  



9 libraries have applied for 10 positions. There are an additional 3 applications uncompleted in the system. If these additional applications are completed, the total number of internship applications will be 12 libraries applying for 14 positions. Under the terms of the Contribution Agreement with Heritage Canada, CLA can fund to fund up to 4 internships.


Selection Committee

This Committee will meet in late February to select applications to be funded. CLA would like to express its gratitude to the members who have generously offered their time and talent to assist in selecting libraries to be funded by these very worthy programs.


For questions regarding YCW, please contact: 

Jon MacDougall
Program Coordinator, Young Canada Works
Canadian Library Association
400 - 1150 Morrison Drive
Ottawa, Ontario, K2H8S9
613-232-6325 ext 321
[log in to unmask]


On behalf of the Canadian Library Association and the Department of Canadian Heritage, we thank you for your continued interest and support of the Young Canada Works program.






Workshops / Webinars / Events


Mind the Middle: Readers' Advisory & Programming, Ages 9-13

Wondering what to recommend to a fifth grader who wants to read YA? Not sure how to create programs that engage kids too old for storytime but too young for teen group? All too often, this demographic struggles to find their place in a library's programs and on the shelves.


But you can change that! This session will help you strength and expand your skills in reader's advisory and programming for the elusive "tween" demographic: patrons between the ages of 9-13. You'll hear about new books and successful programs and learn about fresh approaches to creating welcoming spaces for these patrons at your library (we'll start by never using the word "tween" again).

Presenter: Angie Manfredi

Date: Tuesday, March 8, 2016
Time: 1 pm EST 
Duration: One-hour webinar 
Price: $45 for OLA members / $55 for non-members 
Continuing Education Certificate credits: 1
Read More

ALCTS Web Course: Fundamentals of Electronic Resources Acquisitions

Session 3: July 25 - August 19, 2016

This four-week online course provides an overview of acquiring, providing access to, administering, supporting, and monitoring access to electronic resources. Gives a basic background in electronic resource acquisitions including product trials, licensing, purchasing methods, and pricing models and will provide an overview of the sometimes complex relationships between vendors, publishers, platform providers, and libraries. The course was developed by Dalene Hawthorne, Head of Systems and Technical Services, Emporia State University.


Who Should Attend?

This is a fundamentals course that will appeal to anyone interested in the topic with no previous experience.



  • Jesse Holden, Account Services Manager, EBSCO Information Services
  • Xan Arch, Director of Collection Services, Reed College
  • Elizabeth Winter, Head of Collection Acquisitions & Management, Georgia Tech Library
  • Susan Davis, Acquisitions Librarian for Continuing Resources, SUNY at Buffalo
  • Lisa Mackinder, Head of Acquisitions and Collection Services, Ohio University


Registration Fee:  $109 ALCTS Member and $139 Non-member

Read More 

ALCTS Web Course: Fundamentals of Preservation

Session 2: May 9 - June 3, 2016

Four-week online course that introduces participants to the principles, policies and practices of preservation in libraries and archives. It is designed to inform all staff, across divisions and departments and at all levels of responsibility. Provides tools to begin extending the useful life of library collections.

Course components:

  • Preservation as a formal library function, and how it reflects and supports the institutional mission
  • The primary role of preventive care, including good storage conditions, emergency planning, and careful handling of collections
  • The history and manufacture of physical formats and how this impacts on preservation options
  • Standard methods of care and repair, as well as reformatting options
  • Challenges in preserving digital content and what the implications are for the future of scholarship

Who Should Attend?  

Designed to inform all staff, across divisions and departments and at all levels of responsibility. Provides tools to begin extending the useful life of library collections.


Course Level & Prerequisites

This is a fundamentals course with no prerequisites. Course Syllabus



  • Donia Conn, Preservation Consultant for Cultural Heritage Collections
  • Dawn Aveline, Preservation Officer, UCLA
  • Karen O'Connell, Preservation Coordinator, Georgetown University Library
  • Julie Mosbo, William and Susan Ouren Preservation Librarian, Texas A&M University Libraries
  • Jacob Nadal, Executive Director, ReCAP, Princeton University Library
  • Annie Peterson, Preservation Librarian, Tulane University
  • Roger Smith, University of California - San Diego
  • Peter D. Verheyen, Syracuse University Library

Registration Fee: $109 ALCTS Member and $139 Non-member

Read More

ALCTS Web Course: Fundamentals of Collection Assessment

Session 1: February 22 - April 1, 2016

This six-week online course introduces the fundamental aspects of collection assessment in libraries. The course is designed for those who are responsible for or interested in collection assessment in all types and sizes of libraries. The course will introduce key concepts in collection assessment including:

  • the definition of collection assessment,
  • techniques and tools,
  • assessment of print and electronic collections, and
  • project design and management.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • describe the fundamental aspects of collection assessment
  • understand the various collection assessment methods and tools, including both qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • design and implement a collection assessment project
  • perform a collection assessment of print resources
  • complete a collection assessment of electronic resources

Who Should Attend?  

This is a fundamentals course that will appeal to anyone interested in the topic with no previous experience.



  • Ginger Williams, Acquisitions Librarian, Wichita State University
  • Andrea Wirth, Digital Scholarship Librarian, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Alison M. Armstrong, Collection Management Librarian, Radford University
  • Teresa Negrucci, Resource Acquisition and Management Librarian, Brown University
  • Miranda Bennett, Head of Liaison Services for Collections & Research Support, University of Houston

Registration Fees:  $109 ALCTS Member and $139 Non-member







Shop CLA

Canadian Copyright in Schools and Libraries
 Author: John Tooth
Price: $39.95

Canadian Copyright in Schools and School Libraries addresses copyright issues that typically arise in those educational settings.  The author's goal is to provide some direction to help school staff across Canada answer copyright questions in their daily work. This publication offers some focus for the reasonable handling of copyright issues based on legal interpretation and case law.

John Tooth is a professional librarian and educator with an MLIS from the University of Western Ontario, an MEd and PhD from the University of Winnipeg.

 After a brief retirement, John accepted a position as Copyright Officer and Head of the Copyright Office for the University of Winnipeg Library beginning in October 2012. Prior to this, he was coordinator of the Instructional Resources Unit of Manitoba Education, and served as the copyright consultant for the Department and for schools for some 35 years.  He now undertakes education and copyright consulting work.

To order this and other titles, please submit your inquiry at shop CLA

The ALA Guide to Information Sources in Insurance, Risk Management

Author: Lucy Heckman 


ISBN-13: 978-0-8389-1275-1 

Price: $ 95.00


The insurance industry is among the most highly regulated industries today, and literature on the field is a complex thicket of sources. This valuable, one-of-a-kind resource is a comprehensive guide to locating and using information resources about the insurance industry. Pointing researchers, practitioners, faculty and students of business administration, law firms, and anybody interested in researching the insurance industry to the most relevant information, each chapter contains an annotated list of specific print and digital sources, plus explanations on how to make best use of sometimes-forbidding technical materials. Included are company directories, almanacs, databases, websites, legal resources, and industry-specific guides that cover

  • All major lines of insurance, including property/casualty, life, health, and reinsurance
  • Social Insurance, including Social Security, unemployment insurance, and pensions
  • The insurance policy from the standpoint of practitioners, regulators, and consumers
  • Insurance law and regulations
  • All areas of risk management including financial, technical and intellectual property
  • Actuarial science and its current applications to financial engineering
  • Archival and historical material

Including an introduction defining risk management and describing its use in the insurance industry and the field of actuarial science, this resource is a must for every reference collection.

To order this and other titles, please submit your inquiry at shop CLA 


Dewey Decimal & Library of Congress Classification

Author: Christina Neigel

176 pages, Softcover



Price: $ 49.00


Christina Neigel's much anticipated publication An Introduction to Dewey Decimal & Library of Congress Classification Systems: A Workbook is now available for distribution. Ms. Neigel states that "this book presents and introduction to the two major North American systems of classification" providing "readers with the foundational skills to build basic classification notations and recognize their meaning and significance when using existing library records."

To order this and other titles, please submit your inquiry at shop CLA

Any Questions?  

Author: Marie-Louise Gay


ISBN 978-1-55498-382-7

Price: $ 19.95  

Note: This is a signed copy by the author. Limited quantities remain.  


Many children want to know where stories come from and how a book is made. Marie-Louise Gay's new picture book provides them with some delightfully inspiring answers in a fictional encounter between an author and some very curious children, who collaborate on writing and illustrating a story.  


To order this and other titles, please contact [log in to unmask]  


The Night Gardener   

Author: Jonathon Auxier


ISBN 978-0-670-06772-5

Price: $ 19.95  

Note: This is a signed copy by the author. Limited quantities remain.  


When orphaned Irish siblings Molly and Kip arrive to work as servants at a creepy, crumbling English manor house, they discover that the house and its inhabitants are not what they seem. Soon the siblings are confronted by a mysterious stranger and the secrets of the cursed house will change their lives forever. This much-anticipated follow up to Jonathan Auxier's exceptional debut, Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes, is a Victorian mystery in the tradition of Washington Irving and Edgar Allan Poe. The Night Gardener is a mesmerizing read and a classic in the making.    

 To order this and other titles, please contact [log in to unmask]


This One Summer   

Author: Jillian Tamaki and Mariko Tamaki


ISBN 978-1-59643-774-6

Price: $ 18.95  

Note:  Limited quantities remain.  


Rose and Windy are summer friends whose families have visited Awago Beach for as long as they can remember. But this year is different, and they soon find themselves tangled in teen love and family crisis. From the creators of Skim comes an investigation into the mysterious world of adults.  

To order this and other titles, please contact [log in to unmask]





Member Updates

Should you have any questions on your membership please contact our Member Services Manager  





Network and Committee News


2016 CLA National Forum Meeting Requests:
We have set aside the morning of Wednesday June 1, 2016 for CLA's Committees and Networks to hold final business meetings. A notice has been sent to the chairs/moderators regarding notices and requirements. If you have not received your notice please contact [log in to unmask]. Once we have received this information we will begin the process of scheduling the meetings. We cannot guarantee space if we do not receive the completed notice by the deadline provided.

Voices for School Libraries  
The Winter 2016 edition of the online journal, School Libraries in Canada is now available. Please click here to read more.



Awards, Grants & Scholarships




The Canadian Library Association is proud to present the Call for Nominations 2016. The CLA Awards promote the recognition of excellence, outstanding service, innovation, and dedication to the Canadian library community and the values of the Canadian Library Association amongst CLA members. Please nominate a colleague(s) by 29 February 2016 unless otherwise noted.


Complete information on criteria and judging, prizes, nominations and applicable forms are available on the CLA website or on request from the CLA office at [log in to unmask] 


Learn more about the awards offered by the Canadian Library Association:


Support of Core Principles:

  • CLA Outstanding Service to Librarianship Award
  • CLA/OCLC Award for Innovative Technology
  • CLA/Ken Haycock Award for Promoting Librarianship

Recognition of Members:

  • CLA/Alan MacDonald Mentorship Award (New)
  • CLA Emerging Leader Award (New)
  • Kaye Lamb Award for Service to Seniors

Recognition of Research:

  • Best Poster Presentation Award
  • CLA Robert H. Blackburn Distinguished Paper Award
  • CLA Student Article Award
  • Angela Thacker Memorial Award


CLA Research and Development Grant

CLA awards one or more grants totaling $1,000 annually, when merited, to personal members of the Canadian Library Association / Association canadienne des bibliothèques. The objectives of the grant are: to support theoretical and applied research in the field of library and information services; to encourage and support research undertaken by practitioners in the field of library and information services; to promote research in the field of library and information services by and/or about Canadians. 


For more information and to apply, please click here.

Deadline for receipt of applications is February 28, 2016.


H.W. Wilson and CLA Dafoe Scholarships

In a continuing tradition of commitment to excellence in library education and advancement of continuing research in the field of library and information science, the Canadian Library Association/Association canadienne des bibliothèques is pleased to announce once again the availability of H.W. Wilson and CLA Dafoe Scholarships for 2016.


Awarded annually, when merited, to a student entering a Canadian school offering an accredited Master's degree in library or information studies.  Consideration is given to academic achievement, leadership potential and demonstrated interest in the profession.


Scholarship candidates must be commencing studies for their first professional library degree at an ALA accredited program. Candidates who have already begun their studies are not eligible.  


For more information and to apply, please click here

Deadline for receipt of applications is May 1, 2016.






Community Highlights


FTRFreedom to Read Week - February 21-27, 2016


Freedom to Read Week is an annual event that encourages Canadians to think about and reaffirm their commitment to intellectual freedom, which is guaranteed them under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Freedom to Read Week is organized by the Freedom of Expression Committee of the Book and Periodical Council. To read more on how to participate visit the website


Information Studies Career Fair 2016

The students from McGill University and Université de Montréal are proud to present the Information Studies Career Fair 2016 on March 18, 2016


This event is a unique networking opportunity for employers, professional associations, students, and graduates from Certificate and Masters Programs in Information Studies. This gathering is a perfect time for you to promote your organization and to offer employment, internships, and volunteering opportunities to more than 500 students, both current and graduating, from McGill University and Université de Montréal as well as other institutions.


Organized by and for students since 2003, the Information Studies Career Fair aims to be the premier event in Quebec for careers in: librarianship, archives, knowledge management, information architecture, record management, database management and more. Read More

Invitation to IFLA Presidents Meeting - April 6-9, 2016

Dear Colleagues,

As you may recall, last August I issued the call to join me in the work to develop the change agenda for libraries and our profession. The societal trends discussed in the IFLA Trend Report have created both challenges and opportunities. . For several years now we have engaged in discussions to identify those challenges. Now it is time to identify the opportunities and work to chart the course to success.

We will be engaging in those discussions at my first IFLA President's Meeting which is being held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on 6-9 April 2016. Under the title of "A Call to Action: Building the Change Agenda for the Information Profession", this President's Meeting explores issues related to the changes faced by libraries all around the world today.

We hope you can join us.

Donna Scheeder, IFLA President 2015-2017

To read more on this meeting or to register click here


CH3IFLA 2016 National Committee Fellowship Grant Announced!
The IFLA 2016 National Committee, through generous donations from the North American library community, will offer up to 50 full fellowships to librarians from outside North America (U.S. and Canada) to attend the IFLA 2016 Congress in Columbus, Ohio.


The fellowship will cover travel, accommodation, a per diem food allowance, and conference registration fees. Priority will be given to younger professionals with a minimum of 5 years experience in the field of libraries who do not usually attend IFLA Conferences.
More information on the Application Process can be found on the Congress Website. 

Invitation to complete the 2016 National Salary Survey is pleased to invite you to complete the 2016 National Salary Survey of Library and Information Management Professionals. The survey will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.


We encourage you to complete the survey by the due date March 6, 2016. The higher the response rate, the better the final product will be in accurately portraying the benefits and remuneration of the members of the Canadian library and information management community.

All information provided will be held in confidence and reported in such a way that no individual can be identified. The results of the Survey will be available in May 2016. Continue to survey. 


Burt Award for First Nations, Inuit and Métis Literature Call for Submissions!

In collaboration with the Literary Prizes Foundation, the Burt Award for First Nations, Inuit and Métis Literature is given annually to English-language literary works for young adults by First Nations, Inuit or Métis authors.

A first prize of $12,000, a second prize of $8,000 and a third prize of $5,000 will be awarded to the authors and translators (if applicable) of the winning titles. Publishers of winning titles will be awarded a guaranteed purchase of a minimum of 2,500 copies, which will be delivered to First Nations, Inuit and Métis youth across Canada.

Eligible manuscripts and books published between February 15, 2015 and March 31, 2016 must be submitted by publishers no later than March 31, 2016. Read More

Join us for the 2016 OCULA Spring Conference - SAVE THE DATE

This year's theme: Creating Space: Expanding the Physical, Digital and Mental Boundaries of the Academic Library.

The Conference will be held Friday, April 29, 2016 at the Inn on the Twenty in picturesque, Jordan Village, Ontario. Stay tuned for more details. We look forward to seeing you in April! Read More 






News From the Community


CFPropCall for Proposals are constantly updated and arranged in order of due date. 

IFLA Annual Congress - Calls for Papers for the Open Sessions and Satellite Sessions 
The content of the IFLA Conference Program is organized by different professional groups (Sections, Core Programs and Special Interest Groups). Calls for papers will be submitted through these groups and made available on the IFLA call for paper webpage. There are over 60 topics available in the various calls with various due dates. Please visit the IFLA Call for Papers section for more information.  Read More

2016 RBC Bronwen Wallace Award

Candidates are invited to submit 5-10 pages (up to 2,500 words) of previously unpublished short fiction to the 2016 RBC Bronwen Wallace Award.


A $5,000 grand prize winner will be announced on June 8.

Two honourable mentions will each receive $1,000.


To be eligible, candidates must be:

  • A Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Under the age of 35 as of March 7, 2016
  • Previously published in an independently edited literary magazine, journal, or anthology
  • Unpublished in book form and without a book contract

Manuscript pages must not include identifying information. Please number pages consecutively. By submitting to this award, candidates grant the Writers' Trust of Canada permission to publish their work in print and digital formats should they be shortlisted. All rights reserved by the author. Submission deadline is March 7, 2016 Read More 


Reminder - Documentary Heritage Communities Program

Just a reminder that the 2016-2017 funding cycle deadline for Library and Archives Canada's Documentary Heritage Communities Program (DHCP) is February 26, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time).

Please note that successfully funded projects must be completed by the end of the Government of Canada fiscal year (March 31, 2017), with the exception of multi-year projects.

For more information, please find the DHCP

[log in to unmask]

8e Journée professionelle de Bibiliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec

Une Bibliothèque Ancrée dans son Milieu

Assistez à cette rencontre gratuite à l'Auditorium de la Grande Bibliothèque ou en temps réel sur le portail de BAnQ. Le vendredi 11 mars de 9 h à 16 h 30 Inscrivez-vous!

De Gruyter Saur/IFLA Research Paper Award 2016

We are glad to inform you the partnership between IFLA and the publisher De Gruyter Saur. Together, we have launched a call for applications for the De Gruyter Saur / IFLA Research Paper Award 2016. The award selection panel is comprised of members of the IFLA Library Theory and Research Section.


Topic : Digital Libraries: Knowledge creation and sharing

Don't miss the deadline! 31 March 2016

More information here: 


Call for submissions: IFLA LIS Student Paper Award 2016

The IFLA Education & Training Section (SET) has the pleasure to announce the 8th IFLA LIS Student Paper Award for 2016.


The IFLA LIS Student Paper Award honours students of Library and Information Science whose abstract submissions have been accepted by any IFLA Section or Unit to be presented at the upcoming IFLA World Library and Information Congress 82nd IFLA General Conference and Assembly, 13-19 August, 2016 in Columbus, Ohio, USA.


Each year, three finalists are recognized for their outstanding achievements. One winner is selected from the three finalists.


Students must first follow one of the deadlines of any IFLA Section Call for Papers. Once the paper is accepted for presentation by any IFLA Section at the World Congress (not a satellite conference), you may then send your full paper to SET to apply for the award not later than 15 April 2016. Read More

BookNet Canada Promoting the State of Digital Publishing 2015

BookNet Canada is pleased to announce the third year of its research to determine the size and scope of the digital publishing market in Canada.

This survey is being circulated to Canadian publishers, asking about details such as:

  • Number of ebook titles in circulation
  • Percentage of ebook titles by genre
  • Percentage of publisher revenue derived from ebook sales
  • Digital production processes
  • ...and more!

By surveying publishers directly, we will be able to collate data from various sectors of the publishing industry. We are interested in hearing from publishers across all sectors, regardless of the size of your digital publishing program. All responses will remain entirely anonymous.

To thank you for your participation, anyone who completes the survey will receive an advance copy of the final report, The State of Digital Publishing in Canada 2015.  

You can take a look at the 2013 and 2014 reports here.

To complete the survey, click here 


Call for Papers: IFLA Journal special issue on Research Data Services

IFLA Journal invites papers for a special issue focused on research data services and libraries across all continents. The issue will be published in October 2016 as Volume 42:3. In particular, the main goal of the special issue is to gather the latest theory, research, and state-of-the-art practices from libraries that are informing and innovating effective data services. 


IFLA Journal is hosted on ScholarOne™ Manuscripts, a web based online submission and peer review system SAGE Track. Please read the  Manuscript Submission guidelines, and then simply visit the IFLA Journal Manuscript submission webpage to login and submit your article online. Submissions due May 16, 2016 Read More 







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