Print is pleased to invite you to complete the 2016 National
Salary Survey of Library and Information Management Professionals
<>. The survey will take
approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.

We encourage you to complete the survey by the due date March 6, 2016. The
higher the response rate, the better the final product will be in
accurately portraying the benefits and remuneration of the members of the
Canadian library and information management community.

All information provided will be held in confidence and reported in such a
way that no individual can be identified.

The results of the Survey will be available in May 2016.

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*About* <> is a new, not-for-profit
organization started to support and strengthen our community and advance
its information professionals.

We do this by providing opportunities for learning, information exchange,
collaboration, and networking. Through our website and a suite of online
tools, we provide programs and services to the community.

Mr. Cabot Yu, MLIS
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Five Laws of Library Science - S.R. Ranganathan
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Save the time of the reader * A library is a growing organism