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The ABC 2016 Program Committee is extending the deadline on the call for session proposals until Friday, January 29, 2016. We thank those who have already submitted proposals, and look forward to receiving additional submissions.  Please note that proposals will be anonymized before review by the Conference Programme Committee.

A list of potential session topics, gleaned largely from suggestions offered after the 2015 ABC Copyright Conference, is offered below, but all proposals relevant to the overarching theme of copyright in Canadian education will be considered. Individuals who submit proposals will be notified about the status of their proposal on or before February 29, 2016. All presenters are responsible for their own travel, accommodations, and conference registration.

Potential topics for copyright sessions:

*        Updates on lawsuits (York, Laval) and their implications; implications of other court cases (such as CBC vs SODRAC).

*        Licensing multimedia, dealing with music and performances, video content use from Internet for upload and storage on internal server.

*        Copyright in images/photographs.

*        Challenges facing small academic institutions dealing with copyright.

*        Coaching "front line" staff on dealing with copyright questions.

*        Dealing with varying interpretations or disagreements on copyright between different campus units and/or within the library.

*        User-generated content (YouTube exception).

*        Copyright and academic integrity.

*        Sharing of copyright policies/procedures/guidelines and copyright instructional materials.

*        Open Educational Resources (OER).

*        Notice and notice: a one-year review.

*        International copyright law and trade agreements (e.g. TPP).

*        Advocacy issues for 2016-2017 (and beyond)

*        Copyright Modernization Act: forthcoming Parliamentary review.

Denyse Rodrigues, MA, MISt
ABCCopyright Conference Steering Committee (Chair)
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