Over the past 5 years, Cycling for Libraries has organized a cycling trip of around 100 library aficionados to an international library conference, which has usually been IFLA. This unconference provides an opportunity for library lovers to:


As you know, IFLA this year will be held in Columbus, Ohio. Attempts to organize a tour to Columbus with American participants have basically failed, but the Canadians are trying to organize a Canadian tour from Toronto.  The proposed route right now is from Toronto to Niagara Falls and returning to Toronto via London, which is about 600 km.


We are still very much in the planning stage, but we are looking for:

1) People willing to participate and/or help

2) Libraries willing to be a part of the tour


If you would like to help out, please e-mail:


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Thank  you


David McDonald

Planning Committee - Cycling for Librairies 2016





David McDonald

Legislative Librarian

Nova Scotia Legislative Library

P.O. Box 396

Halifax, NS

B3J 2P8


Phone: (902) 424-5658

Cell:  (902) 222-4445

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