Hi fellow APLA members,

I have just completed the LAC survey and I have to say that I am incensed.  It has got to be the worst and most irrelevant survey on a topic I have ever encountered.  If one were conducting a survey on the need and best model for a national library in… say 1953…this might be it.  For a 21st century national library, it is a joke.  What is the point of it?

We are asked to rank things that are equally important, for instance, should LAC:

·         Focus on collecting or preservation or access?

·         Collect material on aboriginal peoples, francophone culture, or Atlantic, Western, and Northern Canada (Tough luck central Canada!)?

·         Digitize military stuff, finding aids, or Canadian government documents?

The survey barely makes mention of digitizing collections though there are two questions related to public programming and where I would prefer to visit an LAC exhibition: 395 Wellington Street or at my local museum.  There is no option to choose “Online”.   It does ask whether I think social media is important in promoting the LAC.   There is a very heavy emphasis, it seems to me, on military history.

And when I am asked this question (Are you very satisfied, somewhat satisfied, neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, somewhat dissatisfied or dissatisfied with how LAC provides the public with access to its collection?) and I choose “ dissatisfied”, the survey quickly changes the subject and doesn’t ask me to elaborate.

I’m thinking all along that when I get to the end, there will be space for further comments.  More fool me!  The only spot where I could elaborate was when the survey asked if there were initiatives that I would like LAC to pursue over the next three years.

I love this question:  How important it is to you that Canada's heritage is preserved for present and future generations?  Really? In a survey addressed to educators, media, librarians, archivists and researchers?

Have you looked at the LAC website recently ?  It is a national embarrassment.    At least it no longer has the photo of the National Librarian on the home page, although the site is so awkward to navigate that I’m never sure just exactly which page I’m on, so the official photo may still be there!  And it does offer us, for November 18, “Images of Flowers now on Flickr”.  Yay!

Anyway, it all seems like a gigantic waste of time, or a very unfortunate starting point for a 3-year planning exercise.  If the survey is meant to signal change-acoming, I don’t expect much.

Am I the only one to feel frustrated by this?  I’d love to hear.  And if I’m being unfair, I’d like to hear that too.  This is our national library after all, and I am concerned!


Jocelyne Thompson
Associate Director of Libraries, Collection Services
University of New Brunswick Libraries
Tel: (506) 458-7053
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As per Trecia’s message, please see links to LAC/BAC online survey, below.


Atlantic Provinces Library Association

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Hello all,

LAC/BAC is conducting a survey on its services, and would appreciate hearing from you.
Please find following the note in French and English, and the link to participate in the online survey.

with kind regards,
~ Trecia

Past-president, 2015-2016
Nova Scotia Library Association<>

Bibliothèque et Archives Canada aimerait avoir votre opinion avant
d’élaborer son plan stratégique des trois prochaines années. Cette enquête
est menée par Nanos Research et est inscrite au système national
d’enregistrement des sondages. En participant à ce sondage vous nous
aideriez à améliorer nos services. Veuillez partager ce courriel avec vos
membres à partir de vos sites web. Vos réponses seront protégées et
resteront confidentielles.

Lien :  <>

Library and Archives Canada wants your input to assist in developing a
strategic plan for the next three years. This survey is being conducted by
Nanos Research and is registered with the national survey registration
system. By participating in this survey you will help us to improve our
services. Please share this email with your membership via your websites.
Your responses will remain confidential and protected.


Hilary Morgan

Directrice, Relations avec les intervenants et affaires internationales
Bibliothèque et Archives Canada / Gouvernement du Canada
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Director, Stakeholder Relations and International Affairs
Library and Archives Canada / Government of Canada

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