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Do you love Access? Are you an event planning whiz, thrilled by the prospect of planning Canada’s foremost library technology conference? Were you inspired by the Herculean efforts of past Access Organizing Committees in bringing passionate, intelligent humans together to discuss and troubleshoot some of the most significant issues in libraries? Do you have a burning desire to ensure that Access 2016 is in your neck of the woods? Excellent. We want to hear from you!


Like any forward thinking conference, Access is already looking for next year’s host. There are no restrictions placed on where the conference can be held or who organizes it (because we’re super accepting like that). As a general library technology conference, we encourage people from academic, public, or special libraries (or even some combination of all three if that’s more your style!) to throw their hat in the ring.


For those who are sort of/possibly/definitely interested in hosting, you can check out the hosting guidelines on our site (


If the prospect of hosting Access tickles your fancy (and ideally, the fancy of some other humans you know in the same general geographic area), go ahead and submit a proposal to [log in to unmask]. Proposals must address all aspects of the hosting guidelines.


We’ll be accepting proposals until August 28th, 2015.


Sent on behalf of the Access 2015 Organizing Committee