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On January 31, VP/President Elect Lynn Somers and I, along with members of many other Canadian library associations, were invited to attended a summit on the future of the CLA and to offer feedback on CLA’s Proposed New Vision for Our National Association (attached) which they had published on their website. The paper was intended to start a discussion regarding the future structure of CLA with the intent of finding a more strategic and sustainable way forward. We discussed the summit with the APLA Exec at our winter meeting February 27.


Since then, CLA has formed the Future CLA Working Group. APLA was asked for a representative and the APLA Exec supported having me serve on the working group. We felt it was very important for Atlantic Canada to have a voice on the working group and that APLA was ideally positioned to represent the eastern provinces.


Yesterday, I attended my first meeting (via teleconference). More information about the working group is available on the Future CLA blog (http://futurecla.wordpress.com) and meeting minutes and other documents will be posted there. I will also be traveling to Toronto to attend the group’s first in-person meeting, scheduled for April 24 and 25.


I welcome any feedback from our APLA members. Please feel free to email me with your thoughts on CLA’s concept paper or any views you have on the future of our country’s national library association. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me.




Crystal Rose, APLA President

Public Services Librarian

Grenfell & Harlow Campuses

Memorial University of Newfoundland

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