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I learned yesterday at a meeting that Community Counts was cut in the last NS budget – a total of $125K for what was really such a valued (if undersold) resource. For those of you outside of Nova Scotia, this was a site that compiled statistics from other sources, and broke them down where possible right down to the community or community health board level, and provided an excellent tool for planning services based on community profiles.


I think for our colleagues working in healthcare who use local data to inform their decisions (including, I hope, ourselves), this is a serious loss. The link to the site is down, and my understanding is the data will be cut off next week.


I am hoping that our association might find a way to reach out with other organizations to make some sort of public statement about this. I seldom like to speak out about stuff like this, but I am just dumbfounded by this move and I don’t know what else to do. We need more data access, not less, and for a reasonably small sum of money, healthcare and other organizations are now without something that was truly valued.







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