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if you haven’t already, you can still support Bill-626 which seeks to restore the census long-form.  Just click on send a letter to your MP.  The rest is easy.


Why do this?  In the words of Evidence for Democracy, Because #ItMakesCensus.  That’s both smile-worthy and consistent with APLA values!


Please see below for more information and note that the bill goes to second debate tomorrow.  Please act now.





Jocelyne Thompson

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From: Katie Gibbs, Evidence for Democracy [mailto:[log in to unmask]]
Sent: January-27-15 3:39 PM
To: Jocelyne Thompson
Subject: There’s still time - Bill C-626 goes for its second debate this Thursday!


Evidence for Democracy

Dear Jocelyne,

I wanted to share with you that since my email last week almost an additional 1,000 people sent letters to their MPs urging them to reinstate the mandatory long-form census by supporting Bill C-626.

Canadians care about this issue and for good reason!

This past week alone, we’ve seen how the abolishment of the long-form census has hindered our ability to evaluate a province’s economic performance and analyze unemployment statistics on First Nations reserves.

How can we expect smart decision-making in Canada if we don’t have good data to back it up?

That’s why Evidence for Democracy signed a joint-statement with the Canadian Journalists for Free Expression calling on the federal government to support the passage of Bill C-262.

Let’s keep the momentum for this campaign going!

We only have two more days to ensure that our decision-makers know where we stand when they debate Bill C-626 this Thursday!

Over the next two days, please share our Twitter and Facebook posts with your network, send a letter to your MP if you haven’t already, and talk to your friends and family about this issue and encourage them to contact their MP as well.

We still have time to stand up for smart decision-making in Canada!

Help spread the word about the Bill before it goes for its second debate on January 29th!

Why? Because #ItMakesCensus.


Katie Gibbs
Executive Director


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