WILU is in Atlantic Canada this year! The following is on behalf of the WILU Program Committee


Crystal Rose

APLA President



The WILU Program Committee is pleased to invite proposals to be considered at WILU 2015, June 15-17, to be held at Memorial University in beautiful St. John’s, NL.


The theme for WILU 2015 is Sea Change: Transforming Learning.


We invite proposals that are inspired in various ways by the ideas of growth, change, and transformation; that bring us together to explore changes that we  have either experienced or inspired, and to examine the transformations that are taking place around us.


The deadline for proposals is Monday, December 1, 2014. Please submit your proposals through our website at http://wilu2015.wordpress.com/proposals/  


We look forward to seeing you in St. John’s in June 2015! 



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