thanks for this update.
It does seem that the Code of Conduct has been revised to a point which is acceptable and more in line with past practice regarding LAC staff outside activities, particularly with respect to section 4, especially 4.2.

If others would like to review and be reminded of the original draft (specifically section 4.4.2) dated just a year ago, use this:



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Yesterday APLA received correspondence from the Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada relevant to our complaint regarding the potential effects of the Library and Archives Code of Conduct.  The assigned investigator reports that LAC, on December 18, 2014, posted a revised version of its Code of Conduct.  The question to APLA is, in light of the revision, can our complaint can be settled. 


The APLA Executive will review the revisions and determine if settlement is in order.  No deadline for a decision was communicated, so we will take the time we need for examination and consultation.  Any member wishing to comment can send remarks to this list or to me directly.  Discussion with other library associations, including CLA and members of the Partnership, will also take place.


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