Many libraries have been asked by the federal government to comment on Notice and Notice regime of the Copyright Act.  Here is some information in case it is helpful -


As you may have heard, the Industry Canada and Canadian Heritage has been seeking consultation from Canadians on the Notice and Notice regime of the Copyright Act.  This regime was not included in the parts of the Copyright Modernization Act that were brought into force in November 2012.  The federal government has delayed enactment of the Notice and Notice regime in order to seek consultation on it.      


The Notice and Notice regime is intended to discourage online copyright infringements.  Under the regime, copyright owners will be able to send a notice of infringement to an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the ISP must forward the notice to the subscriber who uploaded the alleged content.  One thing to note is that since most schools, universities and colleges provide Internet service and digital storage space to their employees and students, they are ISPs under the Copyright Act.  This regime is different than the Notice and Takedown system in US, where ISPs are required to remove or disable access to the alleged content in addition to forwarding the notice.  More information including the government’s consultation letter is available on Michael Geist’s blog -    


CLA has submitted a letter in response to the government’s consultation letter.  See attached.  It will also be on CLA’s website.    



Sam Cheng

Member of the CLA Copyright Advisory Committee

Copyright Officer, Nova Scotia Community College

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