To mark *Learn @ Work Week*, the CLA Government Library and Information
Management Professionals Network invites organizations to participate in a
National Job Shadowing Program.

Within the library community, a number of job shadowing programs exist in
the LIS schools but few programs, if any, exist for working professionals.

The goal of the program is to provide members of the library and
information management community with opportunities to learn more about
what our colleagues in other organizations or sectors do.

The benefits of the a National Job Shadowing Program include:

   - providing participants with opportunities to gain valuable experience,
   - access first-hand information about job skills and industry specifics,
   - expand their network of professional connections.

Host organizations will also the benefit of having their environments /
issues / problems looked at by an outsider with an understanding of issues
faced by information professionals and organizations.

To host one (or more) participants, please complete the registration

During Canadian Library Month, a list of job shadowing opportunities will
published. Participants can select the sites of interest and make contact
with the host organization.

*Note: You do not need to work in a government library or information
management environment to participate. This program is open to all members
of the Canadian library and information management community. *

For more information, please contact
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Mr. Cabot Yu, MLIS
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