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Information Management Public Lecture Series

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Dr. Xiao Hu
Faculty of Education, University of Hong Kong


Friday, September 13 at 12:00 pm
University Hall, MacDonald Building


Music Information Retrieval (MIR), as an interdisciplinary area of research, has developed rapidly in recent decades. MIR research has historically focused on Western music and context, with few studies discussing issues and challenges related to non-Western music or users with a non-Western cultural background. In this lecture, I will present two studies on cross-cultural music mood perception and recognition. One is a comparison of music mood perceptions between American and Chinese listeners. The second is on cross-cultural generalizability of automatic music mood recognition models.


Dr. Xiao Hu is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Information and Technology Studies in the Faculty of Education of the University of Hong Kong. She has been studying music mood recognition since 2006. Dr. Hu is interested in applying automatic classification and metadata extraction to digital libraries and social media in various domains. She obtained her Ph.D. in Library and Information Science from the University of Illinois, and prior to her appointment at the University of Hong Kong she was an Assistant Professor at the University of Denver.


For more information about the lecture contact Bertrum MacDonald ([log in to unmask] or 494-2472).