This is an excellent suggestion. If I were still a Novanet librarian I would be pushing to bring off this NACO participation.




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Subject: [APLA] To Cataloguers ONLY - Want to join the NACO Canada Funnel?

Hello Fellow Cataloguers,


I wanted to scope out how many of you would be interested in creating an Atlantic Chapter of the NACO Canada Funnel. I have been told by the Coordinator of the Canada Funnel, that NACO Canada is currently comprised of libraries mostly in Ontario, BC and Alberta. This would be an opportunity for Atlantic Cataloguers to contribute name authorities of the authors, families, and corporate bodies which are unique to the Atlantic Region and our heritage.


If we joined the Canada Funnel, we would be trained by a NACO trainer from the Library of Congress which would qualify us to contribute name authorities to NACO. There is no quota of how many authorities we must contribute.


Joining the Funnel is free as is the training with the exception of the expenses of the trainer. If we join as a group, we would jointly pay for the expenses to bring the NACO trainer to us (Mount Allison is willing to host the location). The training would be 5 days long. This would be cheaper then all of us paying the expenses to go down to Washington, DC when they have a training opportunity open for registration.


If any of you are interested, please contact me off-list and we can begin a discussion and possibly make plans.


Thank you,

Anne LePage

Technical Services Librarian

Mount Allison University Libraries & Archives

49 York St., Sackville, NB E4L 1C6

Phone: (506) 364-2691


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