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The following ONLINE courses are coming up this fall at the iSchool 
Institute, Faculty of Information. We are very pleased to offer a brand 
new online program Certificate in Social Media Engagement 
<>. The first 
course, Social Media Planning for Organizations, starts on September 9 
with Connie Crosby and Daniel Lee as instructors.

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Enjoy your summer!

NEW this fall: Certificate: Social Media Engagement 
Essential to management, executive and professional level employees in 
libraries, archives, museums, non-profits and other organizations that 
want to start new social media engagements or improve existing engagement.
A must for marketing or PR staff in information-related organizations 
such as libraries, archives and museums who want to strengthen existing 
engagement through social media.
Students will receive the certificate upon completion of two-7 week 
online courses, based on their participation, exercises, and on 
completion of an assignment related to the Social Media Strategy course.
Please note that this Certificate is optional, both courses can be 
completed as stand-alone. Content will be delivered through the wiki 
platform and supplemented by scheduled video conference meetings.

New course:
Social Media Planning for Organizations 
Mon. 9 Sep - Sun. 27 Oct 2013
7 weeks
Instructor: Connie Crosby and Daniel Lee
Fee: $660.00
Cert: Social Media Engagement or stand-alone

Bring your organization up to date by learning how to develop a social 
media plan, taking into account its larger strategies and objectives. 
Learn about monitoring the web for mentions of your organization and 
conversations that are of interest, and joining in. Consider your 
organizationís key audiences or communities, where they are online and 
how to engage them. Learn about online community building, and 
measurement that is meaningful. This 7-week course will allow students 
to monitor a brand, organization or topic over several weeks to allow 
for searching and analysis of data.

Records Management Fundamentals 
Mon 16 Sep - Sun 3 Nov, 2013
7 weeks
Instructor: David Hopkins
Fee: $770.00
Cert: RMF

This program provides a well-rounded introduction to the value and 
theory of records management and the basic skills of the profession in 
records inventory, retention scheduling, classification, storage, and in 
planning and managing a records management program. This certificate 
program provides the basics that people need when working with records 
whether they are just getting into the field and have no prior knowledge 
or are currently records management practitioners without formal 
training who wish to strengthen their knowledge and understanding.

Engaging Adult Learners: Strategies for Information Professionals 
Mon 16 Sep - Sun 3 Nov, 2013
7 weeks
Instructor: Juanita Richardson
Fee: $499.00

This six week course guides you through the whole training process, from 
assessing learning needs of the targeted learners to selecting the right 
delivery method (face-to-face? E-learning? Blended?), to designing an 
engaging program, whether itís an hour or multi-week. Working with the 
instructor and other students, you learn and practice strategies for 
making learning for adults interactive and relevant and gaining 
decision-maker support for learning programs.

Legal Research on the Web 
Mon 7 Oct - Sun 24 Nov, 2013
7 weeks
Instructor: Erin Murphy
Fee: $499.00
Certificate: add: $50.00

This is an in-depth instructor-led web course focusing on legal research 
skills using Internet resources. Weekly classes cover a variety of 
law-related topics: participants are expected to read the weekly online 
course readings, use the web to practice the skills taught each week, 
participate in interactive online discussion groups and chat sessions 
with the instructor and fellow participants, and complete weekly 
assignments based on the material covered. Topics covered include: the 
legal systems of Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom, 
law-related reference tools on the Internet, statutes and regulations, 
legislative bills, Hansard debates, and committee reports
Case law and legal commentary.

Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection 
Mon 14 Oct - Sun 1 Dec, 2013
7 weeks
Instructor: Heather Johnson
Fee: $549.00
Cert: FOIPP Compliance

This instructor-led online course discusses, in practical terms, best 
management and protection of personal and sensitive information as well 
as access to public-sector information. Participants are provided with 
knowledge and tools to ensure proper control over organizational 
information resources and compliance with legislative requirements.

This is a comprehensive course balancing text, online group discussions, 
and exercises that allow participants to practice what they're learning. 
Participants are provided with practical materials to use at their 
respective worksites, including access to information and privacy 
protection audit tools, sample forms, and sample compliance-related 

Records Management Practice 
Mon 21 Oct - Sun 8 Dec, 2013
7 weeks
Instructor: Caroline Werle
Fee: $770.00
Cert: RMP
Prerequisite: RM Fundamentals or background in RM

In this seven-week course you will build on the fundamentals of records 
and information management by focusing on the challenges facing the 
profession today as it relates to effectively managing electronic 
records. The course focuses on the major components in managing the 
electronic information of an organization and will provide an 
understanding of what is involved in developing and managing an 
electronic records management program. Trends affecting the world of 
electronic information management will also be explored.

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