This new program will begin accepting registrations June 3rd. It is a very inexpensive online tool to help document your professional development activities. As this is a program of the Partnership of provincial and territorial library associations of Canada which counts over 7500 members, we expect the resulting certificate to be well received by employers across the country.

Lou Duggan
Past President

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A National Continuing Education Certificate Program for the Library and Information Sector

Do you know how much time you spend on learning and development activities, and how much you are learning? Does your employer? Our profession and industry is changing, and as a result our work environment is one that requires continuous learning. The articles you read and write, conferences and webinars you attend and the formal training you take all add value to your professional development.

As a member of the Partnership, Canada’s network of provincial and territorial Library Associations, APLA is pleased to offer our members a new service to enhance your professional development. The Continuing Education Certificate (CEC) is a national program that gives you the tools to plan, document and reveal your professional development activities, and to connect with volunteer mentors to guide your learning process. At the end of the three year program, you receive a certificate documenting your learning activity. The registration fee is $40.00 for the entire program, and your participation supports the activities of your Provincial Association. Find out more at or check out the CEC- Partnership Linked In Group and start tracking your learning today.