Margaret Williams Trust Fund Award

The Trustees of the Margaret Williams Trust Fund are pleased to announce
that the trust has presented a joint award for 2013 to Courtney Penney in
the amount of $1000, and to Kate Shore in the amount of $500.

Courtney Penney is a native of Greenıs Harbour, NL, and holds a MA
(History), 2011, from the University of Western Ontario, and a BA (Hons),
2010, from Memorial University. Ms Penney is currently attending Western
University, London, ON, where she is completing a Masters of Library and
Information Science (MLIS). Her research interests include: gender
construction, censorship, and morale as they relate to childrenıs literature
during the First World War.

Kate Shore has lived in St. Johnıs, NL, for 13 years. She earned a BA
(Hons.) in anthropology, 2007, and a BA (History), 2005, from Memorial
University. Ms. Shore is also completing a Masters of Library and
Information Science (MLIS) at Western University in London, ON, and is
looking forward to a challenging and fulfilling career as a librarian‹a job,
she says, she considers a calling.

K r i s t a G o d f r e y          

Web Services Librarian
Queen Elizabeth II Library
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John's, NL
A1B 3Y1


"He's like Super Librarian, y'know?
Everyone forgets, Willow, that knowledge is the ultimate weapon."
-  Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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