Dear Dalhousie Alumni,

APLA 2013 is fast approaching, and it would be a wonderful opportunity for
an alumni gathering. Time during the APLA conference schedule has been
blocked for a Dalhousie Alumni Gathering on the evening of *Wednesday, May
15th, from 7PM onward*.

While I will not be in Charlottetown for the conference, the Gahan House ( has been recommended as one location that could suit
an Alumni Gathering (for dinner and/or socializing).

 For those familiar with the area, what are your thoughts on this location?

If you will be in Charlottetown during APLA, please inform me of your
interest in attending an APLA gathering, so I may contact the establishment
in advance!

A confirmation of time/location of the event will be sent later this week.

Chair - Dal SIM Associated Alumni 2012-2013