If you have been involved in a new library or major renovation planning process recently, please consider responding to the questionnaire below.
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Subject: Library Design Questionnaire - APLA

Dear Mr. Duggan,

My name is Patrick Hanratty, and I have just completed my first year in the Master of Library & Information Studies (MLIS) program at Dalhousie University. I am currently doing a work practicum at the Cape Breton Regional Library (CBRL).  My practicum supervisor is Faye MacDougall.

The CBRL is currently exploring the possibilities of a new central library/headquarters; the population served is approximately 55, 000. I have been asked to prepare a short questionnaire on the library design process. I would appreciate the input of any individuals involved in recent library renovations or new library facilities. I would like to request that you forward this message to the APLA Listerv.

I will be compiling the results of this questionnaire shortly.

Thank you for your time and input.

Patrick Hanratty

Library Design Process ? Questionnaire

What was the most beneficial design features included in your library design?

Are there any design features that you would change or add, if given a second chance?

What, if any, steps did you take to become more environmentally sustainable in your library design process?

If you have a special collection, were there any unique design considerations for this area of the library?

What innovative uses of space (inside or outside) were considered for your library design?

Do you have a separate section for the teen book collection/meeting area? Please provide any suggestions or ideas for creating a vibrant youth area.

How did you improve signage (exterior/interior) to more effectively promote specific services?

Did you engage the community in the design process? If so, how? Was this helpful?

Are there any design features which made it easier for patrons to checkout/return their books (e.g. self-checkout, a drive through pick up window for holds and book returns, etc.)?

Were there any unique features in staff work areas that made it easier to complete daily tasks?

If you were to make one suggestion for a feature in your new library that you wouldn?t want to live without, what would that be?

Do you have any additional advice that will be helpful when considering options for design?