Atlantic Provinces Library Association Call for Nominations



The Nominations and Elections Committee is now accepting nominations for the following positions:



Vice-President New Brunswick

Treasurer (For legal reasons, the Treasurer must be from Nova Scotia. See Articles of Association #72.)


Please note that any member may nominate any other member for elective office, and every person nominated must be a member in good standing of the Association.  Terms of office are three years for the Vice-President/President-Elect (who serves the second year as President and the third as Past-President) and for the Treasurer. Provincial Vice-Presidents serve two-year terms.  For more information on the duties attached to these offices, please see . (The APLA Procedures Manual is particularly helpful in providing details.) 


Nominations close Thursday, February 28, 2013.


APLA needs a strong executive.  Please consider getting involved yourself, or nominate an ideal candidate of your acquaintance.  The rewards of service are many - in the knowledge and experience gained, as well as in the friendships and professional collaborations forged. 


To nominate a candidate for office, please contact:


Jocelyne Thompson

APLA Past-President

Chair, Nominations and Elections Committee

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Tel: (506)458-7053



Thanks and Happy New Year!