As part of the new StFXAUT Unionversity teach-in series, a Protest Reference Desk will be set tomorrow, February 13th, 2-5 pm, to help students and others locate reliable, authoritative online answers to questions regarding strikes, union rights, and specific to the StFXAUT strike. Questions to be answered could include: Do students lose their semester after a protracted university strike? What is collective bargaining? Why is arbitration being refused by the AUT? What rights do unions have in Nova Scotia? Why are the university administration's and the union's dollar figures so different? 

The questions and answers collected will be used to build the Protest Reference Blog, a collection of reliable information available to all.

You can participate in person or virtually by doing any of the following:
- Ask questions;
- Supply links to useful, open, authoritative sources of information;
- Bring your laptop to Piper's Pub between 2 and 5 pm tomorrow; help find answers and compile them on the Protest Reference Blog!


Lise Brin has been a librarian at StFX since 2008, in a position enigmatically titled 'Emerging Services Librarian.' Prior to acquiring her information management credentials (Master of Library and Information Studies, Dalhousie U., 2008), Lise worked in a slew of roles in documentary film and television production, then spent several years as an arts administrator working at film festivals. Like most librarians she knows, Lise is a stubborn information seeker who can't give up on a question once it's been posed, who strongly believes that “information wants to be free,” and who regularly researches friends' Facebook musings and supplies them with links to authoritative online information. Lise dreams of being a contributor to Snopes.

Join the Unionversity Facebook group and attend this event! You can also post your questions here:

A note to all APLA librarians:
If you would like to volunteer your reference librarian services to this project, please send me an email at [log in to unmask] I would be very happy to get your assistance if this service is popular!

Lise Brin, MLIS
Emerging Services Librarian
Angus L. Macdonald Library
St. Francis Xavier University