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Information Management Public Lecture Series

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Public Lecture Series



[log in to unmask]" align=left hspace=12 alt="Louise Spiteri.jpg" v:shapes="Picture_x0020_0">Dr. Louise Spiteri
School of Information Management, Dalhousie University

Thursday, January 10 at 1:30 pm
Rowe Management Building Room 3089

OPACs, Users and Readers' Advisory: Exploring the Implications of User-generated Content for Readers' Advisory in Canadian Public Libraries

Social media websites that allow for the creation and exchange of user-generated content have exploded in popularity and allow users to connect with each other over various themes and topics, including books and reading.  In a library context, certain online public access catalogues are integrating social discovery platforms, such as BiblioCommons and Encore, that allow users to connect with each other through user-generated contents such as reviews, comments, recommendations, or tags.  This research advocates that these social discovery systems can act as a tool for readers' advisory (RA) work, a professional library service that aims to enhance users' reading experiences, and can especially allow for RA exploration through user-generated access points. This project is the first step in a comprehensive study that will examine the contribution of social discovery systems and user-generated content to RA services in Canadian public libraries.

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Public Lecture Series