APLA members,

The CNIB is looking for support for their ‘Digital Hub’ project. The email below (forwarded through the Partnership Chair, Su Cleyle) outlines what they are hoping to gather by way of support.

They have included a template letter (attached) that anyone may use to lend their support to Mr. Rafferty at CNIB.

I have prepared a letter of support (also attached) from APLA that departs somewhat from the boilerplate language to express this as a matter of concern to Atlantic Canadian Libraries and library staff.

Please feel free to use the attached template as you wish, or to otherwise show your support to the CNIB project as they attempt to gather resources to continue their important work helping print disabled Canadians.


Lou Duggan


Atlantic Provinces Library Association

School of Information Management, Faculty of Management - Kenneth C. Rowe Management Building
6100 University Avenue
Halifax, NS B3H 3J5


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From: Wendy Robbins [mailto:[log in to unmask]]
Sent: October-31-12 5:20 PM
To: Cleyle, Susan
Subject: Digital Hub support letter


Hi Su,

I hope you’re having a good autumn, and haven’t been hit too hard by the remnants of Sandy.  In Ottawa we’ve escaped almost completely.


I am writing to ask if you might be able to distribute the attached letter to the Partnership members who were at the presentation John Rafferty did at the OLA offices in August.  We’re gathering support letters to bolster the funding requests that are going on now at the federal and provincial levels.  This is a template letter, but of course it would be great for people to personalize them if they so wish. 


One recent and encouraging development in the progress of the Digital Hub project was a recent statement of support from the Canadian Urban Libraries Council (CULC).  They passed a motion just a few weeks ago reaffirming their motion from last May “that the CNIB’s Digital Hub proposal is a reasonable production and delivery model for accessible format materials and that CULC/CBUC is committed to working with CNIB and other stakeholders to further refine the operational, financial, and governance model for the Digital Hub.” 


Also, your members may be interested in learning more about the Digital Hub from the two EI webcasts we did:


Sept 19:  http://bit.ly/CNIBSept19 (Hub presentation followed by Paul Whitney interviewing John Rafferty, with audience questions)
Oct 3:  http://bit.ly/CNIBanswers (further responses to audience questions from Sept. 19)


We appreciated the opportunity to present this to your group in August, and as we said then, are always available to answer more questions or hear more comments.  And we’d be very pleased for any help you can provide in distributing the attached letter.


All the best,



Wendy Robbins, MIS

Reading Re-Imagined

613-795-3050 mobile

613-563-4021 x 5020  CNIB office, Ottawa



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