Information professionals’ intercollegial story telling often involves
variations of “SharePoint is perceived to be the solution to every
information related challenge” or “everyone is expected to be a highly
skilled researcher as a result of having any graduate degree”.  It is
increasingly challenging to demonstrate to employers and clients that we
truly are worth our pay … but some techniques are worth considering.  Ulla
speaks to strategies info pros can use to create awareness – where it
counts – about the value they add to the organizations where they work.

*Date:* Monday, November 19, 2012
*Time:* 2pm (ET)
*Speaker:* Ulla de Stricker


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   - CLA Students: $15
   - CLA New Professionals: $20
   - CLA Groups: $125*

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   - Non-Member – Students: $25
   - Non-Member – Groups: $200*

   - Personal Members of Other Associations – Individuals $35
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* (The group rate applies to group of people watching the webinar together
in one location.)

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