The National Reading Campaign is set to launch next week. Below is the message that outlines their plans. The toolkit, which includes a collection of documents and support materials, can be retrieved in zip file format from:


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Subject: NRC 'Toolkit'


It’s finally here! 

As promised, attached please find the ‘toolkit’ for the National Reading Campaign. Unzip the folder to fully access the files.

Below please find a short summary of our launch activities and the ways in which you can participate in the “What did you read today?” campaign.

Please note that if you are aware of another organization that you think would be interested in participating, you are welcome to send them this information.

Also note that the new website won't be up until the beginning of next week, so visits to the webpages cited in the attached documents should be postponed until then.

Tuesday, November 13th

• We begin stealthily! Please change your Facebook profile picture to one of you reading, and ask all of your social media networks to do the same.

Wednesday, November 14 th

• Launch of the “What did you read today?” contests. Detailed instructions are provided in the toolkit. Please continue promoting the contest until Christmas (it closes December 31st).

Thursday, November 15th

• National Publicity Push

• Please issue a press release to your local and regional contacts regarding why your organization supports the National Reading Campaign.  If you need a cheat sheet, please refer to the ‘PR-template’ in your toolkit.

Friday, November, 16th

• Change your email signature to include the question “What did you read today?” and update it periodically with answers.

Sunday, November, 18th – Margaret Atwood’s birthday! Nothing to do with our launch, but timely nonetheless!

Tuesday, November, 20th

• Regional Events in BC & Quebec

• Hold a regional press conference and/or event in your area: invite reading stakeholders and all three levels of politicians to come & see what the National Reading Campaign is all about.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach us at [log in to unmask].